Introducing Aviate trading protocol.

Bringing institutional-only trading bots to retail investors
The premise and purpose of Aviate is simple. We allow investors of any capital size access to institutional-only trading bots which usually require a large amount of capital to invest into.
These bots we have access to have been consistently profitable for a long time (real trades, not backtests). The developers that run them are some of the most knowledgeable and smart people in Forex and crypto.
We pay out staked investors in USDC each week. USDC payouts come ONLY from bot profits. We do not and will not pay out investors from other investors funds.
We believe in full transparency. We will be showing extensive trading logs from the bots we use BEFORE pre-sale. We are also fully KYC'd by Truth Seekers before pre-sale.
We have kept our whitepaper short and sweet. If you'd like to research the specifics of Aviate please visit our Specifics document.
Last modified 11mo ago